GP Awareness SNAIL Shirt is BACK

Back for a limited time are the snail SHIRTS and TOTES in our GP Fight Store!!!!

Jan 1st – 13th ONLY.

I’ll place our bulk order on the 14th which allows me to keep the costs low for all of us!

Find out more HERE


We are 3 years old today!

Thank you was a side thought one day when I was answering so many question in Facebook Groups to help those with Gastroparesis.  Many of which had the same questions, over and over again.   So a light bulb came on in my head asking me why didn’t I have a better way to get the answers to their questions to them ~ saving me time from typing the same thing over and over again.   Duhhh…. it was time to blog!

Little did I know that 3 years later I would still be putting the info I deeply researched for quality advice and guidance to use.   But with a new and improved website AND a store with GP Awareness items!!!

HERE is a link to my very first blog post.

Thank you all who have supported me over the years and I really do hope that I’ve helped a few people along the way.

HR 2311 Bill …. For Gastroparesis Awareness, Research and Education

Our bill, now known as HR 2311 (former HR 842), has been reintroduced by Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin.

It is titled “Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015,” and has been introduced/referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

This bill would expand research and promote awareness of functional/motility GI disorders such as gastroparesis. It is designed to help promote education of physicians and the general public, increase efforts to find new and effective treatments, expand clinical research, and create new medical centers designed to study these disorders and share information with others.

I urge you to read the text of the bill and contact your representatives.  Ask them to sign on as cosponsors and support this bill!  I cannot express the importance of this bill.

You can find additional information and read the text of the bill at either: or

Who is your representative?   Click HERE

gp awareness month ours 2

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Two posts in 1 day?!  I know, right?!   This time I wanted to tell you about a wonderful opportunity of a gift to give your mom.   The quantity is limited, so you need to hurry since these went on sale on March 25th.   What is it?  Just the best ever Mother’s Day Gift Set!

Inside the Ruby & Rose gift box, you will find:
-Ruby lacquer
-3 exclusive nail wraps: Rose, Dearest, Delight
-6 ounce bag of peppermint taffy
-2 toe separators
-Pumice stone with brush
-Mother’s Day postcard
-Nail file
-Orange stick


Order at:

Want to try Jamberry?  Complete the form and I’ll send you a sample.

Mothers Day 2015 Close up Mothers Day 2015 D

GP Awareness Nail Wraps with an option for us to donate to GP Research

Wear GP Awareness on your nails and have a (optional) portion of the proceeds go towards GP Research (through

This opportunity will be available until April 11, 2015.

To order, please complete our online form

Thank you for supporting Gastroparesis Awareness!

4 GP Designs

Is it to good to be true?

Did you read the exciting news I posted on new job adventure?  Click HERE.

It’s been 2 months that I have been with Jamberry and haven’t been happier for the decision.   What is Jamberry?   How about the best nail wraps for your fingers and toes ever invented!  These last longer than the average store bought one and go much further for the value.   On average the wraps will last 2 weeks on your fingers and over 4 weeks on your toes.  Personally, I have given up at 28 days on my fingers — the wraps were still looking great, but I wanted to change them.   As far as my toes, I have had a set of wraps on for over 90 days!  This was during the winter, lots of socks, boots, slippers and harsh temps; the wraps are still going strong but I am ready for a change — to Spring!

There are over 300 nail wraps to choose from, even nail lacquer and other hand products.   Besides how long the wraps last, I have liked them since my nails break easily and these act like a protective layer.  I never thought I would have long nails again!

I invite you to try a nail wrap sample (click HERE).   Even more so, I invite you to host a PARTY with me.   This can be on Facebook or I can send you some catalogs so you can share this great product with others!    Connect with me on my website to shop, plan a party or join my team.

YES, you can sell these too AND make great money at it!   How would you spend the EXTRA income?    Buy something for yourself?  Your kids or grand kids?   Make a car or mortgage payment?    For me it started out as saving up for a printer and new phone, but has turned into being able to make car payments for 1/2 a year.   In just 2 months I have managed to do this and with only a couple parties on Facebook; which take only a few hours.   Won’t you join me??

Easter 6 Easter promo Jr Easter Board Spring Fling

My New Work At Home Adventure …. want to join me?

I am so very thankful that I have found something that I can do and it brings in more income then expected.   As a reminder, I have gastroparesis and have found that even working 2 days at the local hotel was so much stress, I was sick more than I was ‘well’.    So, I needed something I could do from home and have found it!!

Have you ever tried the Jamberry Nail wraps?   They started their foothold in the market about 4 years ago.  The nail wraps are different than what you see in the stores.  These are applied with heat and last 2 weeks with heavy use.  I have had mine on for over 3 weeks before I gave up and applied a different style (the nail grow out bugged me, yet not too many people in my daily life noticed it).   On toes they last well over a month.  I have had this same set of wraps on (my first pedi) since December (this post is late-Feb).   There are over 300 designs to choose from as well as nail lacquer and other  products.  Kids can even get in on the fun as well!

Jamberry Webtastic 2014 a Dec 2014 Hostess Longevity

The initial cost for the consultant kit was what held me back.  In hind-site, I wished I would have joined the Jamberry team sooner!    My first party on facebook paid for my kit with the commissions I made, and a little extra.   Since I started in mid-January I have done 3 parties and will host another on the 28th.

Hourly pay example

What is great about this is we don’t have to build a team if we don’t want to.  You can be what is called a Hobbyist and you will still receive the discounts on product and commissions if you do an occasional party.   I have decided to build a team and am looking for great people to join me in my adventure.

The commissions are among the best in the direct sales world, coming in at a minimum of 30% and it goes up from there based on your monthly sales and even more when you start to earn off of your team members.  Then there are extra bonuses and incentives along the way.


Currently we are earning our way to Maui as the 2015 incentive trip.  In 2014 it was Walt Disney World!  All expenses paid and includes funds towards air fair.   Now how many companies do you know treat their employees that great?!

If you would like to host a party, not yet ready to join my team, let me know.   If sales reach a certain amount you can take 25% – 50% off the consultant kit.

Sweet Whimsy with siliver floral over hint of mint on ME Atlantis and Silver Floral 2 Atlantis and Silver FloralStitched Away

I am able to do FB Parties and Catalog Parties.

If you are on Facebook check out my Jamberry Page for more info on joining, hosting, tips, pictures and more:

Shop the website and there if more info on joining my team too:  (the link is safe).

I hope you decide to take advantage of this great opportunity.  The market is not yet saturated with the product, so NOW is a great time to do this for yourself.  Earn extra income while having great looking nails.  What could be better?!

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