Site Under Construction

I didn’t realize that the day I started this blog it would draw attention.  Thank you!  For those die hard following this blog, I wanted to tell you it is ‘Under Construction’.   Like every Spring in my town the orange cones pop up, this site is too being repaired! 


This is my first ever blog (how could you!  So, I am trying to learn the 1,001 setting and get it built to be the best ever.  Okay, I would settle for user friendly.

I have this whole image in my head and it appears my implementation leaves a little to be desired by the computer program.  Soon I will need to contact my GP BFF for tech support.  However, I am the type of person that will spend 24-7 on it until I figure it out myself!

Your journey with me in the GP Fight will be well worth the time you wait on me to get this site up to par!   Wishing you all a GP Friendly day 😉


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