Omega 3 for Constipation

Copy from April 13, 2013 Facebook Note (edited):

It is odd what my brain seems to wonder to.  I had been skipping on my fish oil and other supplements.  First it was just the mornings.  I had been sleeping in until noon-ish and just didn’t bother.  Then I was skipping them at night too.  Falling asleep to soon, or just not caring.  Probably both. 

Soon after receiving a highly stressful letter, my body decided to go into flair mode.   Yep, I am sure it was due to the lack of supplements, stress and just not taking care of myself.  I am now 5 days into the flare.  Normally the 3rd day I am fine. 

I realized yesterday my neglect for the supplements and started them up again.  During this flare, I have had a very difficult time with constipation (I had a prior ‘note’ on this as well).  Just now I had a ‘regular’ BM and was so happy.  Yes, small things make me happy!  Anyway, I was Imagewondering if starting up my fish oil had anything to do with this.  The rest of me is still about the same: worse than ever pain, too tired to do much, hurt all over, dizzy, lack of focus, ect.   But the BM is much better.
So I did a little research and found out that Omega 3 can help to make you ‘regular’.  What ever your “regular” is.  It will not speed anything up.  Here is the link if you want to read it:

I do want to tell you that I LOVE my fish oil.  It is from Natures Bounty and is: Fish, Flax, Borage (Omega 3-6-9) it is rapid release liquid softgel.  I only burped fish once and that was because it was that kind of gassy night and I didn’t take it with a meal.  Just popped the pill and went to bed.  Honestly, I hate fish and the burp wasn’t as bad as I would have thought.  Here is a link for info on this blend from the manufacture (other brands make this blend too):

So maybe there was something to the fish oil combo I use!!  I started it because I was loosing my hair.  And YES, it did help that issue.  If I miss a few days of the Omega 3-6-9, then I notice more hair loss in the shower.


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  1. […] One day I decided to take Omega 3-6-9 and within about 7 days, I was doing much better, the more I continued on the supplement, the better my hair got.  I ran out and decided not to buy another bottle.  Soon the hair loss started again, prompting me to run to the store for another bottle of it.  Then, slowly it got better again.  This is my magic pill that is what what my body seems to want.  I have a prior blog on that supplement (which is also used to help with constipation), which you can find here: […]


  2. […] In my personal experience taking Omega 3-6-9 (Fish, Flax & Borage mix) lets me have consistent bowel movements.  If I stop taking the supplement, then I am back to very bad constipation and bloating.    Here is a link to the blog I did on the particular one I take (Click Here).  […]


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