The PAIN of Constipation (TMI Warning)

As I mentioned before, I am going to copy over some of my Notes on my Facebook page.  Here is the 1st one.

Following is a copy of my Facebook Note of April 8, 2013 (edited)

For a few days now, I have had more than normal side pain.  Today the pain moved lower.  As a female, I thought maybe it was a different issue.  Nope.  There is also a feeling of having ate a whole buffet!   The thought of food makes me sicker and liquids do not want to stay down.  

The self diagnosis begins…. did I try anything new?  Medication, Supplement, Drink, Real food?  Nope, nope, nope and nope.  Dang, what is wrong with me?  Just a flare?  Maybe.

As the day goes on the feelings of tired and depression hit.  Hmm, is this just the start of a flare?  Did I over do it?  Thinking back, ‘no, I don’t think so’.   Then what is it?!  

ImageFor some reason the word ‘constipation’ came to me.   The wheels in my head slowly turn, thinking about any BM’s I have had recently.  I can’t think of any in the recent past.  But if I am in ‘brain fog’ mode, who knows what I did just a few minutes ago!  For reality sake (this time), I recall not having a BM in the last few days.  Honestly, it could have been a week or longer.  I have been very bad not keeping my journal, so I have no way to know.  And a week is not unusual for me. 

Since my body hates coffee and it gives me diarrhea, I am drinking a cup now and am hoping for some relief.  This has always worked for me.   It is my hope that this will make me feel better.  Since right now the escalated pain, full feeling, no desire to consume anything, irritability (clothing hurts and everything in general), tired (didn’t want to crawl out of bed), headache, depression along with the smallest activity hates all my energy, is getting on my nerves!   I want ‘me’ back!

Good days are yet to come.  It was may fault for not keeping better track of my over all health (BM’s included) to prevent this from happening.   I am now onto day 4 with out a shower, so I will do that now.   Hope everybody is doing better today.   I have read a lot of you are in the hospital fighting -again!  My thoughts a prayers are with you all.

==== Yes, the coffee worked and I am keeping a better eye on my BM’s to stay away from what I went through! =====

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