My GP Story — Part 2 (1st GI Dr)

My GP Story Part 1 ( left off with me being diagnosed with gastroparesis after the gastric emptying scan ( 

Well the GI Dr that read the results and did all she could to get me a diagnosis was simply not for me.  She didn’t care about her patients in anyway.  I was read my ‘results’ and handed a 1 page print out of what gastroparesis is, a copy from the Mayo Clinic.  She said this is all that you need to know.  Follow this and you will be fine, see me in 6 months if you need any more help.

I went home and looked at the hand out.  What the heck just happened to me?!  I read it and it didn’t tell me what exactly to eat or stay away from.  Simply read: “consume 5 – 7 small meals that are low in fat and low in fiber”.  Really?! 

So I began the search on the internet to see what am I suppose to eat and what should I avoid.  I read a few things, but nothing much that was helpful.  I went into some groups on Facebook and got scared (shitless) with the stories of feeding tubes and death.  

ImageSo, I decided to look for books on gastroparesis.  I found 2.  And neither of which were at my local store.  I dug deeper into the newest one and fell in love with what the author was saying and knowing that she too has gastropareis.  I went to her website and after looking around ordered the book:  “Living Well With Gastroparesis”, by Crystal Saltrelli, CHC.   I was in so much need for information I paid for the express shipping.  In the meantime I was watching all of her YouTube videos.

I can honestly say that I learned 1,000 times more from her than from my GI Dr.  How said is that?  Yet, how great is that, that I knew something about GP and how to ‘fix’ me!!  I will post links below.

Well 6 months came and went.  I changed my diet (foods and amounts) and was still very sick.  Vomiting, Nausea, Dizzy Spells, Fainting, Fatigue, Headaches, and the list goes on.  So, I went back to the GI Dr.  I told her what was going on and what changes I made.  I even told her about the book I bought because her hand out was not very good.  She said, “I would have bought one too, if I had gastroparesis”.   What the hell?!   SHE is suppose to help ME!!  Not a book.  Ugg!!

The GI pushed me hard to take Reglan and I said no.  She didn’t like being told no and kept at it.  I reminded her that I took it during the digestive test and it didn’t go well.  She tried to blame the gal that gave me the medication.  I told her, no I was given it by IV in a very low does and very slowly.  She still didn’t get it.  Then told me to order off the internet the drug from Canada instead.  I said I would look into it.

In the meantime she gave me another refill for GERD medication and told me I better take it, as it is part of the Management Plan I need to follow to get better.   I took the order form, but never took the drug.  I did in the past even at double doses and it never helped.

My third encounter with her was my last.  I had gone in after  about 3 months and said I was still having problems.  And now it is effecting my job.  We went over the Reglan (again) and I am still not going to take it, then I wasn’t going to order the Canada drug, so she was getting frustrated with me.  She was not about to give me drugs to ease the pain -which was fine.  I wanted something for nausea.  She told me to get an over the counter Dramamine and I should be fine.  So, I stepped out of my box and asked her if she knew of a mental health person I could talk to and who would understand gastroparesis.  She looked at me with a blank face and said, no.  I began to cry and she didn’t know what to do.  Then told me that, ‘oh, this must be hard on you.’  I nodded through tears.  Then she said, ‘I guess it is life changing’.  Do you think?!   Before I left she told me, ‘don’t worry, you should be better in a year.  Idiopathic Gastroparesis generally goes away in about 12 months.  You will be fine’.

That was my last GI Dr visit to her!   And I have the nerve to tell her it has been over 12 months and I am still sick, lost my job and am still having problems.  But, I know she will not care, nor will she listen.

I do have a new GI Dr that I love!

To Be Continued…..

LINKS For Crystal Saltrelli, CHC:


4 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my god she sounds terrible. I’m glad you changed doctors. I’ve never had a lot of luck with GI docs, the one I have right now seems more empathetic but it’s like every time I see her she forgets everything about me. Yes, I had a CT scan, you ordered it in April. Yes, we tried increasing the dose of the erythromycin, it didn’t help.
    Grr. I can’t believe your former GI didn’t at least offer you better anti-nausea meds. That’s just unconscionable. 😦


    • It amazes me that we have to tell the Drs what we have had done. Can’t they take a couple minutes before they walk in the room to review the chart? And the reason for our visit? Sounds like you have a good one, even if you have to bring along your medical history! Hugs to you!! And yes, it was a very bad 8 months, for nothing.


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  3. […] this to just see a doctor.  I would not have bothered, but if you have ready my first story (click here), you would understand how bad my 1st GI Dr was.   Plus in my town there is only one other option […]


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