My Journey – Part 2 (Life after my job loss)

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Heartbroken with the facts, I headed home to think about what to do.   My husband and I decided that maybe on unemployment we could get by.  So, I approached the company with a ‘deal’ and they agreed after several weeks of lawyers.   However, I never did get my unemployment.  That is in another blog:

Yes, I fought it and lost both times.  In the end they feel that I am too sick to work.  Which I am, but at least wanted to try a low stress part-time job to make ends meet.  I really don’t think that would have even worked out for me, but I will never know.  My GP hasn’t been good enough to even try at the moment.   Image

So, we sold our home (3,000 sq ft) and are now living in an apartment (800 sq ft).  All the extra stuff (big items) were sold off and some of the smaller stuff that couldn’t come with us was taken to a charity.   This new adventure began May 1st.   So it is still kind of ‘new’ to us.  Most of the boxes are unpacked and we are settling in.  Never been in an apartment before and my first time renting, so this is kind of a new world for me.

The house profit is supplementing what we are short every month.  It’s a good thing I don’t eat much!  But life is slowly turning around.  And I have an application in for disability.  We will see what happens, but I had to try.  Even a car ride will send my GP into something very bad.  I can’t take medications to help control some of the symptoms better, so it is all on me to figure out what works: diet (I hate to call it that), supplements, rest, exercise, metal health and so forth. 

In no way do I intend this to be negative. 

On days like yesterday/today when I feel so crappy and take the nausea med that makes me sleep all day (blog here: I am so HAPPY that I do not have to: go into work, stress about keeping my job, deciding weather to call in sick (if any other employee is out that day), or just try it (they always sent me home about 45 min after I get there…then it was a 30 min drive back to home) and most importantly the luxury of not having to tell the whole office my list of symptoms and hearing their feedback of what they think is wrong with me and their treatment options.

On the flip side, I am missing the daily face-to-face interactions and distractions from the GP Life.  I get a little board from time to time, now that the move is 98% done.  Hence, the blog!  On a nice day I sit outside for a little bit.  People seem nice here, but they are in their own worlds.  Luckily I have my parents and can visit with them and a few friends that are in the area.  But, those days are very limited.  Not on their end or my desire to go.  But because the GP decides to interfere. 

Time will tell what happens.  In the mean time I am staying as positive as I can and want to be there to help others travel down this GP Road! 

Thanks for reading!!


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