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1 Year Later I Get To See My Friends!

I am just so very happy that today started out a 4 on a scale of 1-5.  And this is my own gastroparesis self’s scale!  A 5 is still GP, but can function like a normal person if I consume enough protein and fluids to keep me going.  1 is basically ‘stay in bed – don’t bother’ day!

When I received a invite from a great friend to help her celebrate her son’s 1st birthday, I was so very happy.  Sadly, that was just the first day of a 3 day flare.   So, I had no idea if I could go.  

ImageToday was the day of the event.  First, my husband had an early shift, so he would be home to take me.  Secondly, I was still having a good day with an hour left until we would have to leave.  Third, I was able to get my shower in, get dressed, some make up on and still felt ok.  Yep, the ‘good’ was lowered to an ‘ok’.   So I made a smoothie and that seemed to be what I needed!

I knew what the ‘menu’ would be and there would be stuff that I could have.  I had a protein bar in the car, just in case! 

It is sad, but I had never seen their little boy before and he just turned 1!!   How said is that?!  What kind of ‘friend’ am I?!  Why was gastroparesis getting the better of my life?!  So many questions that made me mad and fueled my desire to do better!  Not just for my self by for the friends that have stuck by me.

The event was wonderful.  I knew a lot of people that where there to celebrate his big 1 year birthday!  I only see these people in gatherings like this, so they don’t know much about me.  So when I was asked about how my job was going, I happily said that I was no longer working.  That would (luckily) prompt, ‘what have you been doing’.  So that gave me the chance to tell them we sold our home and moved closer to town and my husband’s work.  I was then off the hook, since they would ask about him! 

It was a day I didn’t want to talk about me, my GP and really didn’t want to explain that I parted ways with my job because of GP and am not sure if I can go back to work.  In past experience that always prompts ‘but you don’t look sick’, ‘you look great and should find a job’.  I have listened to it all and really didn’t want to go down this path.   I don’t know if they would or not, but I know that it is hard to understand.

We were there for 3 hours , my food choices stayed well and I still felt good.  But my husband never wants me to ‘push it’ (sometimes), as he hates to see me relapse.  I know, so we left and now I am getting very tired.   

There is always next time and I sure hope that it is sooner than another year!  I missed there little girls’ birthday because of being sick.  So happy that they have stuck by me and for their over all concern.  I was even asked if I could tolerate any of the food that they were serving.  How nice is that?!   I love them dearly and their extended family.

Thanks again for a great day!

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