Gastroparesis ‘Pain, Nausea & Fatigue’ Frogs

Gastroparesis 'Pain, Nausea & Fatigue' Frogs

“Hanging On For The Fight Of Our Life”. This is dedicated to all those that suffer from a chronic illness.

Photo is property of Melissa (GP Fight) McElfresh as of it’s creation date of July 1, 2013.

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  1. Wish someone would take signs like these and put them on t-shirts. I’m sick of getting insulted, jeered at and asked “when’s the bay due” when I go out in public. I’d like a shirt that tells everyone up front what I am suffering with and to keep their stupid comments to themselves..So far ALL chronic illness shirts are made for women, do not come in sizes large enough to hide our bloated stomachs and are all flowers and rainbows. I want a shirt that tells it like it is and in a sarcastic manner, not all frilly and cute because GP is NOT “cute”


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