One Lucky Plane Ride -Part 1 (personal story)

Vegas was our travel destination once we found out that was where the rest of my family was headed for 2 weeks! For 8 weeks I planned the details to drive down, where to stay along our route down, the places we (okay my GP Tummy) could eat at and all the rest that goes into this.


We got down to 4 weeks out and my husband finds out that he can not go, due to work obligations! This means that he is no longer driving down, so I can ride along as passenger. It is a 2 day drive from out starting point, so despite my best desires, I would not drive by myself through the desert. In the end I would have to find a flight.


Living in a large town, this would not be a problem for most. We are not ‘most’ people. The town we live in has 2 grocery stores that close at 10pm and you can count the number of restaurants (I use that term loosely) on one hand. However, we do have an airport….. um crop dust runway, maybe is a better picture.


I found that I could get a flight out of town, to the large town next to us (4 hr drive) for a price that could not beet driving. Yet, my husband wanted to drive me. And the more I researched the plane I would be on, the more it seemed like a crop duster. From what I read there would be about 8 seats to the plane and luggage was obviously limited. For a 2 week trip, I really would like to take some clothes with me and maybe a change of shoes! So okay, I was game for the ride to the next town on the day that I had to fly out.


Thinking I had my plan, again, the hubby put a kink in it. He didn’t think he could take me. Really?! This was feeling like the movie Groundhog Day.  To break the curse, I booked my 2 flights and that was the end of that! Or was it?


The week of me needing to go to the airport I kept asking if he would be able to get away from work to take me to the airport or if I should schedule a time with the only cab company we have in town. You guessed it! He would take me. I had 10 min before I needed to be at the airport and I called his phone for the 2nd time with no answer. I called the cab company and they would not be able to get to me in time. Ugg!! I do have to give my husband credit, he works very hard as a Store Manager and it is very hard for me to ever get away. He does have a heart of gold and honestly tried his best with all of this.


The hubby showed up in time for me to make it to the airport before the plane was scheduled to leave.  The now frantic me made it to the desk to check in (no pre-checkin via web) and through TSA. Luckily this time I didn’t have smoothy stuff or any other liquids. Just a lot of protein bars, tea bags and a nut butter sandwich. We didn’t have much time to do our goodbys, but that was probably for the best.


I went by what the web-site said and had my gate check-in bag and my personal bag for a carry on. I was advised after TSA that I could not keep my personal item. Which of course has my purse in it, laptop, camera and other fragile stuff besides the Holy Grail … nausea meds!  I was not happy, but looking at the said crop duster outside, I understood. She said I could have a very small lap item, like a purse. So, she let me dig mine out and I quickly filled it with my nausea pills, mints and a protein bar along with my wallet. I could live with that, crossing my fingers that the laptop does not break.


The lobby felt like a very small dentist office, with all 7 of us and 2 little kids, very anxious to get this over with.  At this point I am not sure if a root canal would be better. The still not so happy gal counted ‘all’ of us and informed us there are only 6 seats! WTH? I NEED to get to the next town. She looked at the 2 with the kids, plus a young daughter, 1 on crutches and a young couple. Looking back at me, she said that it looks like I would need to be the co-pilot. I thought she was joking and played along, despite her not finding humor in this at all.  She opened the door and I was asked to go first as the co-pilot. Haha, I thought. Having to duck my head to get in, hunched over I could still count there were only 6 seats, no bathroom and a seat next to the pilot that was empty.  Really?!  Was this happening?  Or did I take too much medication the prior night and this is a very bad dream?!  To top it off, I could not take my purse that I held up the flight for, so I could give up the larger ‘personal item’.  Even to beg and plead did not work.  Bu I was able to grab a handful of mints for my pocket and stole a vomit bag as I made my way to the co-pilot seat.


As I sat looking out the front of the plane (haha .. it has wings and an engine, guess it’s an airplane) I thought about yelling and having security haul me away.  I decided to be good. If the kid in the back can do this, then I can over-come gastroparesis for 2 hours and do this. Right?!  I moved my eyes around to see peddles on the floor as well as a steering wheel very close to me, knobs, lights and dials all over in front of me.  As he moved the peddles and wheel, it moved on my side.  So I could not stretch out, my seat does not go back, this wasn’t looking good.  At this point I still wasn’t sure my nausea treatments and will power could get me through.


Sporting SeaBands on my wrists, a pill of Nauzene, mints in my pocket and a vomit bag in my lap, I was ready to do … something.


The pilot was nice, I didn’t chat at all, figured he needs to fly the plane and not worry about me. For 2 hours I sat in one spot. No place to stretch the feet or twist or turn. Sun glaring in my eyes, I wished I had my sunglasses. The take off was a little harsh, but the rest of the flight was very beautiful. Most of the way we could see the ground, all snow covered. The last ¼ of the flight was clouds above and below us. For awhile we were in them as we were needed to descend. Sure glad he knew where he was going, since the GPS system was not helping me much. I can only assume this is when you just need ‘faith’. We dropped below and I could see the runway. Wishing I could use the break peddle, like a car, as we got closer. I grabbed the arm rest instead. Too many flights I have been on the touchdown was hard and I would hit my head. This was the best pilot ever! I wanted to kiss and hug him. I didn’t go into the windshield, I didn’t hit my head and if I wasn’t sitting in the seat next to him, I would not have known landed except the sound of the tires on the pavement.


Now I am at the airport waiting for the next flight. 1 protein bar down and a $3 bottle of water so I can take my next pill, 3 hours of mindless rest, then I should be ampted for the next one. This time there will be 28 rows and a family waiting for me.



(that I made it on board as well as my GP nausea did okay)





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