Papaya Enzyme Pills – Personal Trial

PapayaThe other day I was at the store to get some melatonin and found a Buy One Get One Free sale on that specific brands products.   Well, I didn’t need 2 bottles of the sleep aid (which does work great for me) and didn’t need anything else.   But, how could I pass up on getting something free?! 

I recall a few people in the Gastroparesis and IBS community really do like the Papaya Enzyme.  They have stated that if they eat a meal that is harder to digest, taking one enzyme after really does help them and their variety of food choices is much greater now.   I do believe in most natural items as my primary go-to before a prescription.   So I picked up a bottle.

In a prior blog on Gas and Bloating we have a link for more information on Papaya Enzymes, if you want to take a look (HERE).

Since I had the same meal a couple days in a row (rice and ham casserole) I already knew how I felt each time I ate it.   So on an afternoon that I didn’t have to do or go anyplace for the next 24hrs I popped one pill after I ate the casserole, as per the instructions.  The flavor was surprisingly good for a chewable.

Within 10 minutes that pure bliss of finding my wholly grail ended in a screeching halt or rather a full blown run to the restroom; which I had all to myself for the next 30 min of nightmare misery.   This little gem of sweet chewable papaya-ness (new word) processed faster in my stomach than anything ever.  I think we may have a record here!  The diarrhea hit and so did the overwhelming sensation to vomit at the same time.  Sure happy we have a small bathroom and I can literally do all of that at once, when it is humanly possible to do so.  

My body saw the enzymes as a threat since quickly after I took it I started to get hot and itch. That should have been my first clue to stay in the bathroom.   On the plus side at least this time I took a new pill my throat didn’t close up; like a couple Rx’s my Dr gave me.  I did take my allergy pill later and am doing better in that regard.  

Sad part is that I still taste the food in my stomach as the gas comes up.  The Paypaya Enzymes did not get that part of my system going as they should have, apparently only the intestines and bowels did their thing.   But not worth the full blown pain to use as a laxative.    

The pain is better now that a couple hours of it has passed and I am no longer in the fetal position wondering why the heck did I try something new.   It is always that glimmer of dangling hope in the form of a something new that stabs me in the gut every time!  Maybe one day it will be different (haha).

So, to the people that this works for “Good For You” and I am happy that you found something that works for you.  I just wish I could mail you my 99 extra tablets.   Thank goodness they were ‘Free’!

Now I am off to try to drink a little tea and hope the rest of the pain and nausea pass quickly.  I am already exhausted.

REMEMBER:  IF you try something new do it on a day that you don’t have to do anything for the rest of that day and if possible the next day is clear too.   Always best to let a family member or friend know what you are going to try; just in case medical action is needed. 


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  1. Posted by debbie montefesco on September 3, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Keep me posted if it works for you!

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