2017 Recap of Melissa’s GP Fight

Continuing from 2016 where I began to get a good handle on my triggers (foods, allergies, etc) I continued to feeling better with my GP symptoms (nausea, pain, fatigue and less dizzy spells) and overall health.  Why NOW after having been very sick for about 5 years?  I believe it boils down to these two key features:  

Eating Healthier

  • We no longer eat packaged foods, canned goods or frozen dinners/pizzas
  • Only eat out once a month as a ‘treat’ to a restaurant we know cooks from scratch with home grown or local ingredients.
  • We now make our own hamburger and ground pork (no pink slime for this family)
  • Produce is either fresh or frozen
  • Taking time to can: apples, pears, tomatoes, etc
  • Making soup in large batches and freezing
  • Baking: rolls, breads, etc
  • Cooking our own pizza including making the dough
  • Growing fresh herbs, then drying them at the end of the season

All of this has allowed us to cut out: High Fructose Corn Syrup, excess Salt and unneeded Preservatives.  Our change over 2016-current has enabled my husband to loose 50 lbs!  I gained my energy level back and felt less ‘sick’.

Exploring The Outdoors To De-Stress

2016 is when I really began to get into hiking!  Yes this city girl found the great outdoors to be a very peaceful and relaxing place to be in.  We went all over Glacier NP as well as surrounding areas, taking pictures, having a lunch and watching sunsets.  Being able to be in the ‘wilderness’ exploring has a strong hold on me to be able to just let go of a bad day.  Also studies have found that walking after a meal helps the stomach to process foods (true or not, I felt it really helped).


Here’s Some 2017 Highlights


Of course we are all different, how we acquired GP differs so what may work for me may not work for you.  I’m just here to tell my GP Fight story and in the process maybe you will walk away with an idea or just simply some inspiration that you are not alone.

HUGE CHANGES FOR 2018…Don’t miss out!




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