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1) The TENDER TUMMY COOKBOOK is one that I assisted with creating, along with other volunteers at G-PACT.  Several recipes in there are mine as well.  Besides being proud to assist with making this great book, the recipes in it are a wonderful collection for the whole family to enjoy.  At this time they do not have a link on their web-site to this 2nd cookbook of theirs, so please view my blog about it and how to contact them.  Click HERE.   Go to to order their 1st cookbook.

2) In Crystal Saltrelli’s LIVING WELL WITH GASTROPARESIS book there are a few recipes.   I personally have this book and feel it changed my life.  If you want to read more about my experience, I have a blog on it (here).   She also has a EATING FOR GASTROPARESIS: GUIDLINES, TIPS AND RECIPIES book that I also have and has nice food options and tips as well.  These books and much more can be found on her web-site.  Click HERE.

If you have cookbooks that you want to see on this list, let us know!

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