Want Digestive Track Awareness Items?

You have come to the right place!

Our Store …

We have set up an on-line store with custom creations that we are sure you will love.  Visit our store at to shop a wide range of products (shirts, buttons, keychains, window clings, pens and more) at low prices to fit your budget.  Our primary goal with the store was to made GP Awareness items affordable to enable more people to spread awareness and knowing that those of us with the chronic illness often live paycheck-to-paycheck.

If you want to know when new items hit the store, follow along our Facebook Page “GP Fight -Gastroparesis“.

Awareness Nail Wraps …

A couple times a year Melissa holds a Gastroparesis Research Fundraiser with a wonderful nail wrap product.   By placing an order she donates a portion of her commission (which is her income due to GP now) to raise funds and awareness for GP!   The wraps come in over 300 designs plus the custom wraps for GP, Fibro, EDS, Diabetes and more she has created to help others.   Take a look at her blog site, subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next event or ‘stalk’ her on FB and of course contact her if you would like to do your own fundraiser at

Good Search ….

Do you want to donate to G-PACT, IDDGD or another non-profit so they can continue gastroparesis research, but can’t afford to do so?  By installing you can do just that:  donate to a charity/non-profit of your choice without paying a penny!   To good to be true?  Not at all!!  I have shopped this way for years.  There are a lot of companies on there that will donate a certain percent of what you spend on items purchased with them, to the charity/non-profit that you choose.  So the money is not coming out of your pocket.   I have never had a problem and have never got a virus from this.  I recommend it 100%!!   This can get even better… Good Search also provides you all of the Coupon Codes that are out there, for each web-site that you go to! 

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