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A Thank You to the 6,500 Visitors and update on what I have been doing.

A Thank You to the 6,500 Visitors and update on what I have been doing.

I didn’t expect to see so many more visitors that showed up to this page in my absence. So a BIG “Thank You” for your continued support.

As you may know, we moved. That was not an easy move for us to make, which required a U-Haul, pickup truck and two car trailers driving for 2 days to our new home. I have yet to have time to blog about that. But it is on my ever growing list!

In the 2 months we have been here, I have picked up a part time job. Bit off more than my GP would allow me to work, so I had to cut back on hours. The place I work for KNEW about Gastroparesis, so I didn’t have to go through the whole spiel. The even better part was they understood I didn’t know what my limits (for hours) would be to maintain a good GP Lifestyle for me. We tackled it one day at a time and after all this time, I think we found what works for me.

If trying to work again wasn’t enough, along with learning a new town, getting everything under the sun changed address and new state wise, I decided to open up an on-line store with items I craft. So add store sales and crafting to my weekly chore list as well.

Sadly, my blog has taken a back burner and I am very sorry. The good new is, you can find me on Facebook where I have my Profile and 2 Pages. The one page is “Tats For Gastroparesis and Inspiration”. Which I am currently in the process of holding a contest for the ‘Best Inspirational Tattoo”. The other page is mostly to link my store and post the new products as they come in, with occasional jokes or inspirational pics. My FB Profile (mostly open to the public) is for the medical updates, supplement suggestions, coupons, jokes and personal stories, etc. Click on the CONTACT INFO TAB to find links.

I am also helping out G-PACT with their Pinterest Page and a few other individuals on Facebook for Gastroparesis Awareness and Moderator for a few groups.

Then on the days off that my husband has, we travel around to explore near by towns and just spend time together.

So, as you can see with all of this going on, I have fallen a little short on time to Blog. I really do miss it and I must get back into it!

Stay tuned for more and again THANK YOU for your continued support. I do receive a lot of heart felt messages and you are the reason I continue to do what I do!

3,000 Views … Thank you!

3,000 Views ... Thank you!

In less than 3 full months there have been over 3,000 viewers reaching 30 countries. I want to tell you all THANK YOU for your continued support.

I have received many messages from you and am happy to hear that you like what you read and have walked away with some tips.

It’s so nice to see that some of you share the blog to help others as well. Without your continued support, this blog would not be where it is today.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

How To Find Melissa GP Fight

How To Find Melissa GP Fight

Why Did I Start A Blog….

GP Family,

I have decided to make life easy on myself.  Who would have thought it?!  It was brought to my attention when answering so many questions in FB Groups that if the person with the question only had seen a former ‘Note’ I had on Facebook, then I could have helped them sooner.   I try to get the ‘Note’ to be linked into the Group, but most of the time it doesn’t seem to work.  Even if my profile is set to Public.

This prompted the thought… Can I blog?  Of course I can!  So, why don’t I?  The question bounced around in my head and I decided, there is no reason not to.  Then I can link the blog to the Groups better to help on specific questions.  HaHa!!  What a wonderful thought!  Let’s see if I can implement it.

Right now there is so much going on in my personal life, that I will not post every day.  I hope to get once a week or more later.  First it will be to copy over the FB Notes.  Every place that I get my info from will receive their deserved credit and links (if applicable).  I am not a person to take credit for anything that was not of my thought or doing.    You will find I am a dedicated advocate for GP and will do all that I can to help my GP Family the best I can.  If I do not have the answer, I hope to be able to guide you in the right direction.

Thanks for your support and I hope today is a GP Friendly day 🙂

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