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An Author Save Me – From Gastroparesis Self Destruct

I owe a LOT to Crystal Saltrelli, CHC and her book Living (Well) With Gastroparesis (   I was so lost and alone after being diagnosed with gastroparesis.  My GI Dr at that time did not help me and only told me to 5 – 6 small meals a day that are low in fat and fiber.  She promised if I did this, I would be all better in a year.  Well, I have done this and am going over a year and feel as much pain as I did then. 


Anyway, I didn’t know what I was to ‘eat’.  So I did what any person does in this day and age…. hit the Internet.  I slowly began to grasp what the GP Friendly foods were.  Then had to eliminate a lot of those due to personal allergies.  I looked at my options through my tears not knowing how I would survive on what was in front of me. 

So, I wondered if any body else was like me.  I was already on Facebook at the time to play games and interact with my friends, so I searched for Gastroparesis Groups.  I found some and was frightened at what I was reading: deaths, feeding tubes, people unable to manage their pain, etc.   What was going to happen to me?!   I cried, in private to not scare my husband. 


Then I found Crystal Saltrelli and her website, then her Youtube videos.  There was a spark of hope deep inside of me that I may not die after all.  This may not be a slow death sentence.  I found she had a book, then looked to see if it was at a store in my town.  Of course not!  So I ordered it and paid for rush shipping!   I could not wait to understand what I needed to do to survive GP!  As the days passed, I watched all I could of her videos and followed per page.  Each day, I felt like there was hope.

The book came and I dove right into it with my highlighter and sticky notes!  I was determined to figure out what I needed to get me healthy again, what treatment options there were and what on earth I needed to do to ‘fix’ me!

Sadly, there is no cure.  But I learned what options were out there, what to eat and most of all to try my best to remain up-beat so I could pull myself out of the funk and get on with my life. 

From there it just snow balled.  My desire to advocate for myself, get a GI Dr that I could trust, then to volunteer for a non-profit (G-PACT) and lastly, to help others like me by doing all I can to spread the word that Gastroparesis exists and needs a cure!  

I owe all of this to Crystal Saltrelli.  If it wasn’t for her, I feel my husband may have had me committed to a white padded room with a vomit bag!   I was in such a deep dark place, it was scary.   

I know that the author may not read this blog, but my heart felt THANK YOU is being said and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  She was so kind to offer a discount to people on her b-day, so I took advantage and bought her e-book on juicing.  I need to learn how and what combos are best.  This is my next big step to better health.  So far, so good.  I have maintained weight, my hair is no longer falling out and I am not vomiting as much.  My life is on track of where I want it to be.  Thanks Crystal!!

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