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GP Symptom Managent with Food Steps

GP Symptom Managent with Food Steps

This is a great picture of our daily life as a gastroparesis fighter! I have this printed and hung in an area of my home that I can see it every day. It is easier to show my family ‘what kind of day’ it is for me and they can plan their dinner accordingly.

For more info, please click here:

Gastroparesis Links via Emily Scherer’s Blog

Gastroparesis Links via Emily Scherer’s Blog

Here is a wonderful collection of resources for Gastroparesis that was put together by Emily Scherer.  

I have not been to every page/link she has listed, so I can not endorse all of them.  However, she is a great advocate and follow GPer that I trust greatly and feel the work she does is of high quality.

Check it out!

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