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GES 4Hr Test Results Are In …. (personal story)

In the mail was a letter from my GI Dr (yesterday 7-20-2013) with the results from the 4hr GES she had me do.  I think I have calmed down enough to post this today.  All she wrote was:

Dear Melissa:

Your gastric emptying scan was normal.

If you have any qusetions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call.



This told me nothing!  I do not know what my ‘normal’ times were or anything!!  On Monday, I will order my records from her office and the lab that did the work.  

The other issue I have is now she will not diagnose me with Gastroparesis.  As a reminder, I was diagnosed with GP after the 2 hour GES (gastric emptying scan) from a different GI Dr.  Whom I fired, as I didn’t like her.   Now the new GI Dr (whom I liked a lot) will not help me any further.   She felt as if my problems were neurological and not necessary gastroparesis.  For her to confirm GP, she wanted results from the 4hr GES. 

I know something is wrong with me and feel strongly still that I have GP.   It could have been a ‘good day’ for me when I had the test run.  In addition, what they gave me is of course low-fat and low-fiber, so it too may go quicker in my tummy than what I try to eat.   This does not in any way negate that I have pain 24-7, nausea 24-7, dizzy spells, vomiting, fatigue….

My next big problem is what will SSD (disability) do?   They will see this new result and may determine no benefits because I showed ‘improvement’.   At this time, they are only basing their decision on the results of the 3 Drs that they sent me to and I should have a decision in the next few weeks.   But, if I have to dispute (forgot the word) the denial (about 98% of SSD is denied upon the 1st request) then disability will see these results.  I have a good lawyer set up who has handled GP cases, so he will defiantly earn his keep!

ImageIn the mean time my PC Dr has asked for me to see her, as she is getting some of the SSD Dr’s notes in  and wants to send me to a neurologist.   This leads me to my last problem.  Financial.  I have no clue how I begin to pay for all of this.  I am not working and already owe about $1,000 for the GI Dr office visit of 11 minutes and the 4hr GES.   Then the PC Dr and Neuro Dr will all add up, besides any tests they may want to do.   I simply do not know how all of you GPer’s do this!

I want to know what is wrong with me and to find the help that I need…. so I keep shelling out money to continue my needle in a haystack adventure!  

My chin is up and I am plugging along, the best that I can do, like the rest of us.   Thank you all for your encouraging words the other day.  I hold you all in my thoughts as I continue to help spread awareness to find a cure/treatment for us all!

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My 4 Hr GES (Gastric Emptying Study)

After already having a 2 Hr GES about 14 months ago, I thought I was well prepared going into today as far as knowing what to expect.  Man, was I wrong!   The 4 hour version was nothing close to the 2 hr GES.

2 Hr GES (for me – others have reported differences) :

  • Egg Salad Sandwich and water.
  • Lay down for 2 full hours as the machine above you takes pics every couple of minutes.


The 4 Hr GES for me (apparently others have had slightly different experiences) went like this:

  • I got to eat Egg Beaters (about 1 full measuring cup), 2 pieces of toast with strawberry jelly and water.
  • I was told to make sure I eat the eggs, drink the water and eat as much toast with jelly as I could.  They told me the sugar in the jelly was a key component to digestion.
  • I had only 10 minutes to eat it all.   Since I eat chew everything until it is almost nothing (this helps reduce the pain when I eat real food), I knew I had to eat like I did pre-GP and pray I don’t get sick.   I managed to swallow the eggs with the water and eat 1 piece of toast in the 10 minutes.  Yuck!  Is all I have to say about that.
  • The bell rang for 10 minutes (they checked on me at 5 min to let me know), and I was escorted to the other room to stand in front of a machine, not moving, for 2 full minutes.  Being dizzy does not help achieve this goal very easily.
  • At the end of the 2 minutes and the tech is happy with the picture(s), I was taken to the main waiting room.   They would call me back in 30 min to do another session of the 2 minute photo-shoot. 
  • We continued this process for 2 hours – or 4 picture sessions. 
  • Once the results from the last test was in, the tech looked them over and said that I would need to come back in 2 hours and have one last image taken.   That my stomach was slow enough (couldn’t tell me how slow) to warrant me to continue with the GES test.
  • I could go where ever I wanted, do what ever I wanted, as long as I was back in 2 hours and did not eat or drink anything.
  • When I got back he had to note if I got sick in any manner, which I did not (pat on the back)!  It was a nice day, so I hung out by my car and played on my phone.   The time was too short to drive home and I was too dizzy to actually walk around a mall.
  • The last of the pictures were taken and I was on my marry way to wait 1 week for the results from the GI Dr’s office.


I can say that I am very happy with this test.  I would do the 4 hour GES in a heartbeat over the 2 hour (laying down for that long made my legs and butt go numb).   The waiting room sucked to be in for that long, but was much better than counting tiles.   The place I had the GES done does not have clocks or tvs.   I hear from other people that some got to watch a movie!   All I got to watch was the blurry computer monitor screen with my digestive track.   This was much better.

The only bad part of today is that I now have a GP Baby and it is killing me!  The pain from the bloating is crazy and the heat is not helping me stay comfortable.   Below is a pic of my normal tummy day (taken a few months back -but I’m still the same) and a pic from a few hours ago.



4 Hr GES Study Tomorrow (personal blog)

If you have not read my last 3 blogs then following is a very brief update:

  • My first GI Dr (who I do not like and no longer see) had me do a 2 hour GES (Gastric Emptying Study) and diagnosed me with Gastroparesis.   My half-time was 240 min (or so) and a ‘normal’ person would have completed the GES in 60-90 minutes.
  • My new GI Dr will NOT diagnose me based on a 2 hour GES.  She wants the full 4 hour study.   She has been in our town for 1 year and has made the clinic agree to do the 4hr test on her patients.  
  • I had written a blog on 2hr vs 4hr, as I do not feel the 2hr is good enough to diagnose with GP.   Link is HERE.   But don’t really want to have to pay for this test ‘again’.  It was several thousands of dollars the first time around.   Plus, digesting that crap so they can take pictures of the food as it goes through my system, can’t be too good for me either!

Tomorrow is the day that I have to do the 4hr GES.  I could hardly get down the egg salad sandwich last time (plus water), so hard to say how my body will react this time.   Also, my body does not do well (high nausea and pain) if I get up before 9am.  I do not understand WHY this happens, it just does.    My appointment is at 8:30 with 30 min needed to get there.  Guess I will set the alarm for 6:30 so I have plenty of time in the bathroom with my nausea issues.  


I am scared this time around.  It is not because of the unknown of what to expect (what will it be like, where am I going, etc).  Been there – done that.   This time it is “what will the results show?” 

I am scared that if denied disability (should know something in the next few weeks) and if this 4hr test comes back with better results than the 2hr test (14 mos ago), that I may not have a leg to stand on for an appeal.   

The other thing that makes me scared is if the test comes back saying I digest at a normal rate or even a slightly longer rate than the average person.   Meaning, “gastroparesis” will not be diagnosed by this doctor.   So what is wrong with me if I don’t have GP?

All these thoughts have been running through my head for the last week now.  Along other family issues (possible relocation) and a few other issues.   The stress of all of this is not good for any person and especially one with a chronic illness. 

Crossing my fingers and praying all goes well tomorrow.   It is going to be a restless night that’s for sure!   The heat will not help me get to sleep either (I am slowly not liking summers due to the effect on my body). 

Thanks for your continued support and I wish everybody a good tummy day!


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