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A Disappointing GI Dr Follow Up (Part 2)

This is continued from Part 1 (Click Here ).    In Part 1 I told you how it took me a little over 3 weeks to wait 10 weeks for the actual appointment with my GI Doc.

The long wait was filled with my ‘normal’ symptoms.  Nothing better, nothing worse.  And finally the appointment day was here!  I was excited as I had not seen her since October 2012, but we spoke on the phone several times and even during her maternity leave.  She was new to the profession, but on top of gastroparesis, which is why we got along so great.

I was asked to come in at 8:45am for a 9am appointment, just to get the new computer system up to date with my info.   That was fine, my insurance had changed as well as my address since my last true visit.   It was a bad GP morning (as most mornings that I have to get out of bed before 9am).   A few stops to the bathroom and I made the 30 min trip by car to see her, but I made it and on time!

The check in did take that long.  I looked at my phone when I sat down and it was straight up 9am.  I figured I would be called back soon and didn’t get too settled.  My mistake.  At 9:20am I was getting a little anxious and updated my FB Status (that’s how I know what time it was).  A few seconds later, the nurse came to take me back.  Thank goodness.

ImageThe nurse part was the same as always with questions and stats.  Took just a few minutes, as not much had changed with my history.  Like normal she said the Dr would be right in.  I hoped so, we were already past my appointment time and I had brought a 1 page print out of topics I wanted to address.

I got down off the exam table to get my sheet of questions and pen, glancing at my phone for a time.   Isn’t it convenient that they never put a clock in the room?!   Well we were up to 9:35a and still no Dr.  About a min or 2 later, she came in.  Thank goodness!  I am so ready to get help and catch up with her and her new child!

Chit Chat was not going to happen.  She was in a horrid mood!  She founded when I said I was not feeling any better.  We went over (very briefly) what I tried to eat and what my ‘issues’ were.  I kept getting cut off when she was asking me things.  I would continue to talk and she would go back to her computer.  Grrr.  I was not getting any where.  She had a problem getting my old records up and called a tech to come in.  Then asked if I had been to the Neuro Dr that she told me to (back in Oct), I did not.  That didn’t make her happy either.  I said I was planning on it since a Disability Eye Dr told me I was having minor issues.  I then told her I applied, told her I lost my job, lost the unemployment appeal in court.   I never went into detail as I was loosing her focus and as soon as I said the word ‘disability’ she became very cold.

My other goal to go there was to see if she would be on my side should (when) I need to do the appeal for disability.   A credible GI Dr of mine would help a lot.  Guess that isn’t going to happen.

She laid into me saying that she can not diagnose me with gastroparesis based on the 2 hr Gasteric Emptying Study that I had done.   The 2 hr test was done by the 1st GI Dr and based on the results I was diagnosed with GP.  Click here for my blog on that.   But this GI Dr does not believe in any results of a 2 hr GES.  She made that clear the first time I saw here and I agree for the most part.  Our town would not do anything longer than 2hrs and didn’t even want to do it for that long.  I was told at 30 min it was okay to go.  But now she has the clinic that does it to agree to do just her patients with the 4 hr test.   And now wants me to do it for this long and go from there (to be diagnosed or not with gastroparesis – by her).

Doing this could hurt my disability, if the GES comes back better or in the even that my delayed emptying is not that delayed at 4 hours.   Then she will not diagnose me with GP and I would have to do a disability appeal based on just my symptoms, as we would not know what the heck is wrong with me at that point.

At 9:46a I was being walked out by her.   I have a print out that tells me so.   It also tells me to get the GES and to take Mirolax to improve my bowel movements.

I set up the GES and have thought long and hard about it.   The 2 hr was bad enough for me.  My butt and legs went to sleep.  I can’t imagine 4 hrs, plus if I don’t get protein in my every 2 – 3 hours then I become very dizzy and at times have fainted.   But, setting that aside, I want to know what the heck is wrong with me for sure.  If it isn’t GP, than it probably is Neuro.   Don’t worry, I will never give up the GP Fight!  I still fully believe that is what I have, but I guess GES test will tell me how delayed my tummy is!

The insurance company I have, has no co-pays.  What they do is,  I have to pay out of pocket 100% of the Dr visit and that amount is then deducted from the deductible ($5,000 family).  I looked on my prior bill (different ins co then), but walking in the office was billed at $500.  That was one heck of a 11 min Dr visit!

So that too pissed me off yesterday and I found an email to send a complain to.  Well,  I found 2 places to send it to and I did!   No, I don’t expect anything to come of it.  But felt better that I got it off my chest.  When the bill comes you can count on another copy of my email going inside of it!



A Disappointing GI Dr Follow Up (Part 1)

Back in March 2013 (about the time I got laid off of work), I was not doing well with my gastroparesis.  I wanted to go see my ‘new’ GI Dr that I hit it off with and thought she was the one for me (story on that here).  But now with facing no insurance issues, I decided I could wait.

Come May 2013, I could not wait much longer.  I still felt the same no matter what I was doing.  By this time I was even going the smoothie with protein powder route to help me, along with soup for lunch.   Yet, even liquids would cause the pain to escalate.  So I gave in and called the GI Dr to set up an appointment.  This was nothing my Primary Care Dr could do anything about.

I called the GI Dr’s office gave them the scoop that I needed to see her again as a follow-up.  The lady clicked around in the system and could not find me.  She asked if I had been in anytime after Feb, to which I replied ‘no’.   Apparently they had a new computer system and I was not in the new one.  Lovely!   She did more clicking and found me.  Thank goodness, as I didn’t know I was lost!!   Then she told me that she could not set up an appointment until I go back to my PC (Primary Care) Dr and get a new referral.  Say what?!   I was put on hold so she could figure it out.  Then comes back to tell me the same thing and there is nothing they can do.  I begged, telling her I never had a referral to go there in the first place.  Another moment on ‘hold’, to which I think she was just venting about me to a co-worker.  I didn’t get anywhere and still didn’t know if I really needed the referral.

ImageNext I called my PC to get the referral.  Left a message, as always with that place, but explained fully what I needed.  About 4 hrs goes by and I get a call back from the nurse telling me they got my request and have sent it off to the proper department to issue.  That it should take about a week.  Really?!  

I waited the week (work week) and nothing happened.  If I recall there was a holiday or something during the next week, so I didn’t bother with the follow up then either.  As time is passing I am not getting any better, nor worse.

By the end of the 2nd week I called my PC Dr office to see if they could tell me what was happening with the referral.   A gal checked on it and told me that she sees it in the computer but it has not processed with my insurance company yet.  I told her that I have a new insurance company, gave her the info and she told me to check back in a week.  Again?!

Now we are to the end of week 3 and I called my PC Dr office again for the referral check-up.  Same crap that it hasn’t been processed with my insurance yet.  This gal I don’t think even looked at the computer.  To give it another week.  Yeah right!!

No really pissed I called my new insurance company.  Which is never a good idea, but I played nice.  They looked me up.  Again that was an issue at first, since I have to call the corporation that my husband works for, as they have a dedicated line for the insurance.  And since I was calling, it created havoc.  What doesn’t?!   Finally she got the records up and told me that I do not need a referral, so that was probably the ‘hold up’.  WTF?!   I was livid, but would not take it out on her.  I had worked in Customer Service for many years and hatted to get yelled at when it was not my fault.  I thanked her and hung up.

Now I am ‘hot to trot’ as the saying goes….dialing my GI Dr office.  We are into week 4 of this run around and I am beyond pissed, sick and just plain ol’ hurt!   The voice was different on the other end and I was counting my lucky stars.  I told her who I was and she eventually found me.  Then I proceeded to tell her about the referral crap and how I just wanted to see the GI Dr again.   To my surprise she said, ‘that’s not a problem.  let me do a couple things in the computer and we can get you scheduled’.   At that point my mouth was wide open.  Was it that easy 4 weeks ago?  Should I just have called back the next day to have this done?  I was kicking myself, but now I know!   It really was that easy and she was onto the scheduling calendar.

We were now at the end of May, all of June was booked, plus the Doc was going on vacation, so the first opportunity was July 24th.  Say what?!?!   I took it, I had no choice.  But I also asked if they had a waiting list and they do.  She put me on it.  I rolled my eyes, as I have been through that game with the dentist and never get a call. 

Well, I did get a call and it was for the first available as July 10th.  Fine, 2 weeks early is 2 weeks early.  And when they called me it was 1 week until the July 10th date, so what the heck.

All this to just see a doctor.  I would not have bothered, but if you have ready my first story (click here), you would understand how bad my 1st GI Dr was.   Plus in my town there is only one other option and that group would not even take me, after they reviewed my records.  How sad is that?!

 PART 1 — The End

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