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My Family’s New Adventure is about to start…


If you recall, we sold our home and moved to a 3rd floor apartment less than 3 months ago.  Our lease was for 15 months as we were under the impression that the company my husband works for would not give us a relocation offer sooner than 12 months.   So, we unpacked a lot of stuff (3,000 sqft home to a 900 sqft apt) to make it feel like ‘home’, by hanging pictures and setting up my grandmothers hutch with all sorts of stuff inside.  The place was looking great and had a couple small parties here and meet a few neighbors.

Well….. now it is time to pack it all back up again!  My husband said ‘no’ 3 times to a transfer offer and the company kept making the offer better and better to get us to move.  Knowing it would take more than $4,000 to get out of our lease and the extra cost of living as well as state income tax (we are not use to), they finally gave us an offer that we took. 

I have never been to the location we are moving to.  My husband has been there for 6 weeks now, helping out the store while negotiating the offers as I did recon and research on my end several states away.  Our taste is about the same in what we like, so I feel comfortable with his decision.

The duplex we are moving into will not be ready until Sunday, so our new adventure to move will begin with Friday packing the rental truck.  He will drive that with a car in tow and I will drive our pickup truck with a car in tow.  We will need to stop 1 or 2 nights on the road to our new destination.   This move is to also be temporary (2 yrs), so we will be at it again before we know it!

I have been very fortunate that my tummy has been very good.  I have bags of my supplies that I will need to take with me, to keep me going.    It’s not like we are going to be pulling into a Jack In The Box for a smoothie anytime I need with what we are hauling!  It’s more like truck stops for gas and find what I can that is GP friendly as well as all the other restrictions I have put on myself so that I continue to feel better! 

The food journals have helped me.  I have found more trigger foods and understand my body’s needs better.  With a much better management plan designed for my body’s needs, I am doing okay with GP.  The ‘stress’ factor is still a very big trigger to a GP attack, which sometimes can be avoided.   I will be looking for a PT job at our new location and will test how well my GP management is doing!   Honestly I don’t think my body is ready for that, but I also feel that I need to at least try and figure out my limitations. 

My body was able to allow me to move dressers, tables, chairs, boxes, hutch, storage pantry and many other items during the last few days.  Only a few times were I got so dizzy that I could not focus on the steps and almost broke a heirloom.  In all this, my husband is still a blessing.  He gives me time to ‘rest’ and waits for the signal that I can go again.  These extra few days we were not planning on having, have allowed me to take a much slower pace to the move and that too has helped a great deal.   It is hot here and that also takes a toll on our GP bodies.  The apartments all have 9′ ceilings, so the stairs are a little odd.   There are 25 steps from the base to the second level (long and narrow staircase).  At the top is the 2nd floor hallway.  No place to rest and a tight corner to the next set of steps.  There you will do 1 case of 12 steps, then a small landing (8′ x 5′) and another case of 12 steps.  I have lost count in how many times I have done this ‘stair master’!   Enough, since my legs feel like jelly at night and start to shake.

When I get time, I will certainly post on how the adventure went as well as tips.  

Wishing you all a happy tummy day!! 

On Thur (8-08-2013) we will be shutting off the Internet, so I will not be able to ‘chat’ with you all until we get it hooked up at our destination.




Note To My Readers

The rest of this July 27, 2013 week I will be finishing up packing and the following week (exact move date unknown) my family will be moving out of state.  The final destination will take us 2 days to reach, so I will not be on-line.   Once we arrive to our destination, it is unknown when I will have internet service.  


At this time my husband will be driving the rental truck with a car in tow and I will drive our other personal vehicle (with or without pulling another vehicle).   My main concern is trying to stay hydrated in the hot summer weather and my nutrition levels up.  Once we get to the destination, we have limited time to unload and return the equipment.  I can only pray my body holds out! 

But I will certainly fill you in on my adventures and pass along any tips with trying to move while you have GP.  Where we are now is on the 3rd floor of an apartment building.  Moving to this location from our house we sold, was no easy task.  I hope I have learned a little from that experience to make the move out better.

Cheers to a new chapter of my life and a great experience for me to blog about later!

The Move Has Begun

For those of you that move around a lot, I admire you!  Our last move was from a duplex of 1200 sqft to our home of 3000 sqft.   In the 6 years at our home (on 5.5 ac) we have accumulated a lot of stuff. 


Now we are moving to an 800 sqft apartment on the 3rd floor.   The apartment has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.   We currently have 4 bedrooms, plus a master suite with walk in closet, an office, 2 bathrooms and 2 living rooms.   Are you laughing yet?   

Any item that could not come with us was either sold or donated to a wonderful charity!   I even sold something on e-bay and a % went to  If you haven’t donated to a charity via E-bay, please look into it.

Why am I tell you all this?   Well, because Gastroparesis made me sell my home!  How is that possible?    In a nutshell, I got very sick while working a high stress Claims Management job (for 16 years) and had to go to Part Time.  The employer didn’t like that and I was let go.  With out my income we can not afford to stay here.  Rather sell the house, since I know I am not going to get better (in the near future.. there is always hope) than have the house go into foreclosure and we go the route of bankruptcy.  

Why not collect unemployment to get by?   I was denied and tomorrow is a court date for the judge to hear my side and make a final decision.  Wish me luck!!   Plus, unemployment is only a fraction of my pay and will end in 8 months (I max out).   It is something yes and worth fighting for.

For ALL of these reasons is why I choose to fight for all of us that have Gastroparesis!

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