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My Nausea Science Experiment (personal story)

Part of this new job I have was to train on the 3 different 8hr shifts that they have.  This week was the start of the 11pm to 7am shift.   Figuring out when to sleep was a challenge, so that I could still fit in time with my husband.  What I decided to do was sleep when I got home (8am) to 5pm.   Since typically I will sleep anywhere from 8 to 12 hrs.    The 9-10hr range seems to be a good option for my overall amount of ‘spoons’ (click HERE for The Spoon Theory link) to get me through the day.   Then, I would stay up from 5pm to 8am.

Every morning that I get up I am very nauseated.  I have noticed the following pattern:

  • Any dairy products the night before will leave me more nauseated the next morning
  • If I do not get enough sleep I am more nauseated the next morningImage
  • No matter how early I go to bed 5am-8am is the worst nausea time.

To my surprise I was nauseated when I woke up at 5pm to start this new shift at work.  I never expected to feel that way, as I have never had a problem that late in the day with nausea.

I began to wonder if the length of time

that I sleep is creating

the high amount of nausea

when I wake up.

My theory stems from an infant needing nutrition in the middle of the night.  As an adult, my body will not wake me to ‘eat’.  How ever it is really good about waking me to pee and other bathroom needs.

If you think about it, our tummy is similar to an infant: 

  • We consume little volume wise
  • We have a similar diet (for those of us that can eat)

I could be way off base.  but what do I have to loose, but sleep to perform my science experiment?!  Which is:

  • Sleep for 5 hours
  • Get up and consume nutrition
  • Stay up for a few hours
  • Sleep for 5 hours
  • Stay up for how ever long to achieve my regular bedtime
  • Repeat

I just got home from my 11p-7am shift and am going to start this experiment.  I would love to see what my nausea level is in 5 hours vs how I feel after 10 hours.   I do not plan to change any factors and will take my supplements as normal before I lay down.   I have skipped them for a week straight to see any of those caused the nausea and no, they didn’t.   That was after I adjusted when I took them and that didn’t matter either.

I will post the results below

as I begin this process. 

Updated 10-04-2013 <Friday>

I hit a small set back to my experiment.   Ever since I got home from the over-night shift (11p – 7a) I have not felt good.  It feels like the start of a flair.  So all I have been doing is sleeping and what little time I am up it is with the heat pad on my side.  I will not give up on this, as I think my theory has some sort of merit to it.   Once I am back on my feet I will  trudge forward!   Looking like next week I get two of these shifts, so it will be a good opportunity to do it then.

Updated 10-10-2013 <Thursday>

I worked Mon and Tue from 3p-11p and had Wed off… to recover.  Tuesday night the fire alarm went off about 10:40pm and I had no clue what to do.  Fumbled my way through it and finally got to leave work sometime after midnight.  Think I fell asleep about 3am, for some reason the same ‘head can’t shut off’ night last night too.  This is sure making my grand plan a little difficult to do!   Now it’s Thurs (Wed final bedtime about 2 or 3am) and I got up at 11:30a.  Feeling okay.  But there is no way I can stay awake and functioning from now until 9am tomorrow.  So, I plan to lay back down at 3pm until 6 or 7pm.  I will leave everything out for my hubby to cook his dinner, unless I get up before he gets home.  This ‘morning’ (11:30a) I felt just fine.  Going to have a little tea, pop my pills and have a little something in my tummy before my nap.  Hope this plan works out.  I just hate the 2hrs of high nausea when I get up!



Gastroparesis ‘Pain, Nausea & Fatigue’ Frogs

Gastroparesis 'Pain, Nausea & Fatigue' Frogs

“Hanging On For The Fight Of Our Life”. This is dedicated to all those that suffer from a chronic illness.

Photo is property of Melissa (GP Fight) McElfresh as of it’s creation date of July 1, 2013.

Amitriptylin and Me

Yesterday I as ill from symptoms related to gastroparesis that decided to become worse than my ‘normal’ days.   All of us that suffer from a chronic illness know our ‘normal’ day is not that of a ‘regular’ person.  We have to tolerate so much more on a typical day.

For some reason mine decided to continue to get worse last night until I head my head in the toilet.  I know I always flare around the 20th of each month, so now (6th) was very odd.  Nothing changed in my life or what I was eating, even the environment (inside and out) seemed the same.  One day I would love to know what my other triggers are!  That’s where my journal comes in handy, if I write enough in it (like a detective)!  Link is here if you want to find out more:

ImageMy husband had the next day off and I wanted to be well, so I could enjoy the little time we do get to have together.   Since the nausea was not going away and I didn’t want to be up all night I did the only thing I could…. take 5mg of Amitriptylin.   This is the ONLY prescription drug that worked for me for and I could handle the side effects, if I only took it once during a flare.  The problem for me is it makes me sleepy.  Let me rephrase that!  I took it at 9pm and didn’t wake up until 11am and still wanted to sleep.   Like I said my husband was home and I wanted to spend time with him.  Generally I would go back to bed and be awake when he got home at 6pm.  That is 21+ hours of constant sleep because of 5mg of Amitriptylin.   I can not order anything smaller.  I tried cutting mine further, but it wasn’t effective.

So I was up, sort of.  Groggy with a huge headache and very thirsty.  Yes, I get cotton mouth with the small dose and a margarine.   But I didn’t have my head in the toilet all night.   I had hoped that maybe this time my body would react better with the med.  Guess not.

I made it to the kitchen to get something to drink and watch a little tv.  That turned into a nap.  I made a smoothie so I could get some protein in me (egg powder protein… link here: and decided to go to the store with my husband so I could get some soup and Gatorade.  I felt like I could make myself do it and I did -for the most part.  He drove as I was way too dizzy to do so.  Closed my eyes a few times and wished I had not gone.  But the store was just a few blocks away and we only needed a few things.  However, the dizzy part is a killer when you are walking down isles with different shapes and colors!  I leaned into him and stopped walking.  He knew what was happening and finished the shopping quickly.  

It is hard for me to just ‘rest’, (I know it is the best thing for me) when my time with my husband is precious to me and I want to ‘be normal’.   Which is highly overated!!  LOL

Back home I had some chicken noodle soup and more to drink.  The dizzy spell is under control, now to work on the headache and off to another nap! 

For me, it is a toss up if I really want to take the Amitriptylin or not.  My GI Dr thinks it is good to have on hand, even though it makes me sleep for so long.  I would never want to forget that I took one, or I could end up in a coma!  Scary drug for me.  I make sure that if I ever take anything my husband knows what it is and when I took it.  Never can be too safe.

Non-Prescription Nausea Relief Ideas

ImageLet me first start off by saying that the suggestions that will follow will not completely get rid of your nausea.  At least, they didn’t for me.  But my nausea is much less being on some of them.  Also, be sure to consult your doctor before you try any home remedies or herbal supplements.  There can be drug interactions and some supplements as well as no guidelines as to how much you (as your own individual case) should take.

Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way lets begin!  Follow in is a list of items that should help relieve/limit your nausea.  Also, don’t expect the diminished nausea to happen instantly.

Non-Prescription Nausea Relief Ideas:

  • Ginger – supplements, candied ginger, ginger ale, ginger cookie/bread, tea
  • Saltine Crackers (breads or crackers of any type)
  • Water (dehydration causes nausea)
  • Mint Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Black licorice candies
  • Altoid peppermint
  • Check to see if you are low in B-6
  • In-scents: ginger, lemon, lavender and peppermint
  • Cool Air / Fan (to bring down your body temp)
  • Cold wash cloth or ice pack on the back of the neck
  • Acupressure – Link:
  • peppermint candy (York or Jr Mints)
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Short small sniffs of a medical alcohol sanitizing pad (right before you feel you will vomit)

I can happily say that I take ginger supplements every day.  If I miss a few days of them, the nausea comes back strong.  I also notice if I get ‘hot’ the nausea starts to approach as well.  After every meal (any meal other than soup or smoothie) I drink mint tea (Mint Medley by Bigelow) and it works wonders!   I even carry bags with me when we go anyplace.  My body does not tolerate any of the prescription medications, so this I am very limited.

Found at a local drug store:

  • Sea sickness band
  • Pressure band (PSI)
  • diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
  • dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
  • meclizine (Bonine)

I tried that last 3 items on this list and they had no effect on me.  My GI Dr told me to give them a try before we went down the prescription route.


Pain, Pot & Politics

There has been a lot of chatter regarding using marijuana/pot for pain management, that it inspired me to look into it further.  I can see pros/cons to both sides and wanted to dig deeper with on-line research to try to figure it out.  For the record, I am not ‘picking a side’.

Did I mention that I live in WA State where they are fighting for it to become legal (the degree is not known, considering how the Feds feel about it).   But the tax money it will generate for wonderful programs, the amount of big brother regulations, was the aspect that I liked.   However, some business’s in WA are now putting pot into food and drinks.  This concerns me, as a parent.  They make the products look kid friendly.

I do not encourage nor discourage the use of Marijuana for your pain management.  In watching my mother-in-law suffer in pain due to cancer, I can NOT tell anybody how to live their life.  She was on a morphine pump at home and no amount of it would help her.  And she had a very high tolerance to pain.  It is a heartbreaking experience to witness and I can not imagine going through it!

potCannabis Sativa, aka: Pot, Herb, Mary Jane, Grass, Weed, Marijuana, Dubby, Reefer, Roach, Dope (and the list goes on).  I believe has the most nicknames of any ‘drug’ we have ever had in our society.   That is just a guess.  The statistics I have found very greatly in the number of people that used and whom are addicted.  For this blog I will say it seems to be about 4% of American Adults have consumed at least once a year and 1 out of 300 Adults are addicts.  Again, each place I read something different.

In all honesty I have never used it, but was around it in my college days.  I never saw the point in doing it, after watching my ‘friends’ get high and act stupid.  That is a degree that I am NOT talking about here when discussing for ‘medical use’.  Medical use pot seems to be about 3 ‘puffs’ a day, from most pages I have read for this research.  But, I will leave it up to the consumers in how much you need.  That is an area I am not going to get involved in.  What you do is up to you and I have no business being in your business 🙂   I am just stating what I read for those that are interested in the topic. Here is a list of my findings for the estimated 76 Million Chronic Pain Americans (again, my stat is not gospel).

What pot can alleviate:

  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Suppression of nausea
  • Increase/restore metabolism
  • Relief of muscle spasms

Research has been done in the following areas with great success:

  • Glaucoma – pot relieves eye pressure
  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety – in the proper dose, pot can elevate your mood and expand the mind
  • Depression
  • Obsession
  • psychologically/spiritually enhancement

Side Effects of Pot (just in case you didn’t know):

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure and breathing
  • Red/Dry eyes
  • Slow reaction time
  • Increased appetite – aka, munchies
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Paranoia,  anxiety and depression

From the articles I have read with medical research I can see great benefit from the substance, in moderation.   However,  I was not able to find out too much on how your body adapts to it over time.  If your body would build a tolerance to it and if so, would the higher dose still benefit you?  At this time that would be my only concern, should I decided to go down that road at a later date.

There are so many different types – what is best for me?

Here are the very basics:

  • How much it helps depends on the hybrid.
  • Stativa is very good for night time sleep and pain
  • Indica is good for daytime energy and mood.
  • Both (above) help nausea, however Indica is better.

Here is a very helpful website to help you:

The decision is yours, just make sure you are responsible as a user and respectful of others who do not share your opinion.

Cheers to Germany and Belgium for their legal use of it and a healthy working society. Links to some of the page I went to for this blog:


18 Legal Medical Marijuana States — List as of 7-1-2013 — Per ProCon.Org

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