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Snail Shirt Fundraiser For Gastroparesis — #2

Snail Shirt Fundraiser For Gastroparesis -- #2

Here is the perfect shirt to raise awareness for gastroparesis as well as donating funds to gastroparesis research! This fundraiser ends July 14, 2014.

More info and to order or donate can be found here:

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Here is your chance to donate towards Gastroparesis Awareness

For those of you familiar with The GP Fight Store, you may have seen a snail shirt we have sold there.  Recently we clearanced the shirts and people wanted more.  Due to the complicated matter of guess what sizes to keep in stock, we decided to find a different route to get them to those that wanted them.   Also, people had been emailing the store that they wanted us to carry green shirts so that they could wear them on Gastroparesis Awareness Friday.  You can find the store here:

We created a Gastroparesis Awareness Fundraiser where you can donate $20 and receive the snail t-shirt OR simply donate any amount.  Either way, the funds we receive at the end of the fundraiser will be used for Gastroparesis Awareness and a portion of the funds will be donated to for Gastroparesis Research.  If you make a donation and want your funds to be used for research only, leave a note when you donate and we will be sure to honor your request!   Research is important to us as well!

Following is the link to the fundraiser; which will be run for the month of May.  At the end of may the campaign will close.  About 2 weeks after that, you will receive your shirt(s).  The place that makes the shirts will send them to you, so be sure you have your correct mailing address.


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