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Self Struggle With Disability Application

I was denied unemployment, because their conclusion was that I could no longer work based on my profession’s average core work schedule.  That was a fact, I could not.  I battled them in a court hearing to address the fact that I felt I could work in some other ‘profession’ that allowed me to utilize my skills I picked up from the current profession, to enable me to work on a part-time bases and around my medical condition.  I further sated it was my impression that even if I was only seeking a part-time job that I could not be denied.  The judge basically told me that my interpretation is only that, and that if what I said was what I was going to counter with Unemployment, I would need an attorney that practiced that sort of ‘law’.   It only went down hill from there!

I had hoped to find a job that would accommodate my medical needs (bathroom close by, low stress environment, ability to consume nutrition at my desk and to be allowed to get leave at any given moment if I needed to do so: run to the bathroom, vomit in the trash can, to lay down or get a ride home if feeling weak/faint).   Working at my prior job my full time basis soon became 3 – 4 days a week at 5 hours or less.   So, I knew I needed a part time job around 3 days a week and no more than 5 hours per day.  Then (and still am) sick with a flare for 4 – 5 days every month during the same time.  No matter what I do to prevent it from hitting, it still happens.  Now we are talking working 3 weeks in a month.

By now you could have calculated I would need an employer that would like to have me work for them at the most 9 days in a month and that is not guaranteed.  Who would hire for that?!  This lead me down the path of looking for an ‘at home’ job.  Ha!  What a joke, most are scams.  Okay, all that I looked at were scams.  I quickly gave up, yet the thought is still in my head.

ImageI soon realized that I was not getting better.  The sad fact is, I didn’t know if I would ever get better.  I have a great GI Dr and we have tried about all that we can, without success.  So what else could I do?  The thought of unemployment gave me the creepy-crawlies.  And that is only because of how I was raised and what my mother thinks to this day.   But, I didn’t care what she thought and how she would react.   Social Security Disability is there for a reason and I was sad to admit that I needed their help.

I had to talk it over with my husband to decide if this was something that I should do or not.  We decided to give it a try.  I found a wonderful attorney to help me.  He will help when I get my first ‘denied’ letter, that saves me some costs.   Plus, he has experience with gastroparesis and that made me feel good.

I submitted it on-line to make it quick.  If there is such a thing with them.  But, I got a call within just a few days to tell me they received it, it was one of the best they have seen in a long time with it being properly filled out and I got a case worker in my town whom I was speaking with.  Two rounds of packets of papers and now were are up to today when I got a call they are sending me to their own doctor.  Paperwork to follow via mail.  Oh goodie!  Another person to education on gastroparesis and make sure that he/she understand my GP struggles.  Can’t wait for this and praying it is on a ‘good’ day for me to be a spit-fire!!

I do know that there are some that do take advantage of it.  I saw it in just the few cases I had to handle where I worked in a life insurance company.  Some policies have a rider page that basically states if the insured becomes disabled that the company pays the insurance premiums for the length of time the person can prove disability.   I can only image what happens with some SSD cases.

I too am sorry that I have to request disability and have to fight to prove how sick I am.  I rather work than sit home with my chronic illness and try to nourish my body so that I can have a ‘good’ day.  But, this is MY life and I have the power to decide what I am going to do.

The Move Has Begun

For those of you that move around a lot, I admire you!  Our last move was from a duplex of 1200 sqft to our home of 3000 sqft.   In the 6 years at our home (on 5.5 ac) we have accumulated a lot of stuff. 


Now we are moving to an 800 sqft apartment on the 3rd floor.   The apartment has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.   We currently have 4 bedrooms, plus a master suite with walk in closet, an office, 2 bathrooms and 2 living rooms.   Are you laughing yet?   

Any item that could not come with us was either sold or donated to a wonderful charity!   I even sold something on e-bay and a % went to  If you haven’t donated to a charity via E-bay, please look into it.

Why am I tell you all this?   Well, because Gastroparesis made me sell my home!  How is that possible?    In a nutshell, I got very sick while working a high stress Claims Management job (for 16 years) and had to go to Part Time.  The employer didn’t like that and I was let go.  With out my income we can not afford to stay here.  Rather sell the house, since I know I am not going to get better (in the near future.. there is always hope) than have the house go into foreclosure and we go the route of bankruptcy.  

Why not collect unemployment to get by?   I was denied and tomorrow is a court date for the judge to hear my side and make a final decision.  Wish me luck!!   Plus, unemployment is only a fraction of my pay and will end in 8 months (I max out).   It is something yes and worth fighting for.

For ALL of these reasons is why I choose to fight for all of us that have Gastroparesis!

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