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We’ve reached 7,000 people!

We've reached 7,000 people!

I have been so busy with the store (, working a few days a week, all the holiday stuff and sadly not feeling too good, that I have not had time to do the over-haul I wanted on here!

There are several ‘fighters’ that need to be added to the tab on top and a few tabs that need to be modified, among other things.

So thank you, for your continued support while I have been away. Now that the majority of major holidays are past us, it is my hope to be able to get more done here!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014!!

4,500 Views …. Thank you!

4,500 Views .... Thank you!

We were traveling when “Melissa’s GP Fight” Blog hit the 4,000 mark of viewers. I was amazed to see how many of you still went to the blog despite my absence. You are truly a blessing.

This post is for all of you that continue to support me and those of you that come to the blog to find information, advice and suggestions that may help you on your GP (or other chronic illness) path.

There is so much more for me to do with the blog to make it a better resource for all of you, so please keep checking back, as it will get there (one day)!

3,000 Views … Thank you!

3,000 Views ... Thank you!

In less than 3 full months there have been over 3,000 viewers reaching 30 countries. I want to tell you all THANK YOU for your continued support.

I have received many messages from you and am happy to hear that you like what you read and have walked away with some tips.

It’s so nice to see that some of you share the blog to help others as well. Without your continued support, this blog would not be where it is today.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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