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Hair Loss


My biggest issue with Gastroparesis has been hair loss.  Okay, besides the: nausea, pain, bowel issues, toliet hugging and not knowing what to eat/drink. 

In my limited medical knowledge (mother is a retired RN) I knew that my now lack of nutrition was causing some of the hair loss.  I knew (and experienced) hair loss during hormone changes.  I also knew that an abrupt diet change can also trigger hair loss, not to mention stress. 

But months went by and I was still having large amounts of hair fall out.  I was afraid to brush it and shower.  There were first fulls and I would clog the drain.   I was literally scared!  

ImageOne day I decided to take Omega 3-6-9 and within about 7 days, I was doing much better, the more I continued on the supplement, the better my hair got.  I ran out and decided not to buy another bottle.  Soon the hair loss started again, prompting me to run to the store for another bottle of it.  Then, slowly it got better again.  This is my magic pill that is what what my body seems to want.  I have a prior blog on that supplement (which is also used to help with constipation), which you can find here:


What are the triggers?  What can we do about it?  I hope to answer that, below.   Keep in mind that this is general hair loss.  I am not talking about any medical condition or genetic premature balding.   Below is simply targeting factors that can cause thinning. 


Hair Loss Triggers

  • Hormonal factors – pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuation of birth control pills or the onset of menopause.
  • Thyroid problems – Thyroid gland helps regulate hormones.
  • Medications For–  Cancer, Arthritis,Depression,High Blood Pressure and Birth Control.
  • Stress (Physical or Mental) – Fever, Chronic Illness and Relationship Problems.
  • Medical Conditions – inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune diseases.
  • Dietary Changes – Severe protein, fatty acid and caloric restriction.


Help For Hair Loss

  • Iron – Spinach
  • Zinc – Oyster, Crab, Dark Chocolate and Peanuts
  • Vitamin D – Greek Yogurt (as well as B5 for follicle help)
  • Fatty Acids – tuna, walnuts and flaxseed
  • Biotin – egg yolk and cheese
  • Magnesium – Halibut 
  • Vitamin A – Carrots


If you are like me, I am not getting enough of the vitamins needed to even help with hair loss through food alone.  I typically only consume 1 small meal of real food a day.  The rest is either soup or smoothie for my daily intake.  

You may want to have blood work done (if you have not already) to see where exactly your vitamin and mineral levels are.  Then go from there.  If you are deficient in something, look to see what foods are high in that amount or if the deficiency is really bad, you may need a supplement.  Here is a great web site to match foods with vitamins:

Should you need a supplement, I suggest that you look for a liquid form, as it is easier to digest.  If you can’t find one, then the gel caps are fairly good. 




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