Resource Links

Here you will find a list of creditable resources to help you with your gastroparesis journey:

(There is NO order of importance)

Organizations & General Knowledge

Medical Terms/Procedures

Support Groups

Following info was supplied by each group to me, to post.

Fun Stuff….

Please note that I do not personally go to each resource listed below on a daily basis, so I can not endorse the content.  If you feel any item below is inappropriate or if the link has changed, please contact me.



Facebook – Pages and Profiles



Merchandise – Cookbooks, GP Jewelry, Tube Pads and More

  • The Tender Tummy Cookbook — see my blog page for details on how to order from G-PACT:  Click Here.
  • Living Well With Gastroparesis — see my blog about how this author ‘saved my life’: Click HereClick on book title for the website.
  • Hope’s Alley — creating wonderful GP Awareness Jewelry pieces for a great price.  Check out her Facebook Page HERE.
  • Patchwork Peddler — Welcome to Patchwork Peddler™, your source of Feeding Tube and Tracheostomy needs!  Also, Facebook HERE.

Facebook Pages/Groups I am and Admin for



Since link address’s change all the time, please message me if any link does not work.

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